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This is me playing with a few friends on Black Ops last night doing Wager Matches all evening. I have put together the best of the evening session on here so enjoy.

First ever Sabotage match on Black Ops.

Me and a friend NCe Dunc decided to play it earlier on the Summit map and the opposing team was kinda rubbish. Well, you watch the video and see what I mean. Enjoy :)

A massive tomahawk kill occured during a Team Deathmatch game on Black Ops. It was on the Radiation map and I threw it from one end of the map and landed at the very other end hitting one enemy on the opposing team. Enjoy watching, what could possibly be, the greatest tomahawk kill on Black Ops ever.

Awesome Tomahawk kill through the Nova Gas smoke during a game of Team Deathmatch on the Grid map for Black Ops (25/01/11).

The highlights from the Hardcore Team Deathmatch game on Summit on Black Ops (24/01/11).

Be sure to watch the whole thing as it includes an awesome quad killstreak and the final kill of the game.

Me playing Doritos Crash Course which is FREE on the Xbox Live Arcade marketplace. It’s a cross between Total Wipeout and Trials HD. Well worth getting for absolutely free. It’s really good fun but when it’s free it’s quite short.

Highlights from the Autosport International & PistonHeads show at the NEC, Birmingham (16/01/11).

Batch’s Gaming Adventures YouTube Channel Improving

Alright people.

I thought I let you know on this improvement of my YouTube channel as I will be looking for feedback on this.

What I plan to do with the channel is to make it more of a vlog of my gaming adventures so you would see me on screen and also what I play on my xbox 360.

Not only that but whoever watches the vlogs will now be able to interact with my channel as I will ask for comments to be left by asking them a question to answer to or ask me any question via Tumblr or Formspring.

As for the 30 second clips from Black Ops I recently started uploading, that will change too. I will still upload these clips to my channel but these will be set as private and then edited to make a longer video and show highlights of the day’s session on Black Ops with memorable moments. How I will do that is that whenever I play online on Black Ops and have a few things to add, I will write the game and match time in a notebook and will then come back to it later when finished, upload them to YouTube, set as private so I can see it only, download to my PC, remove the clips from the channel and reupload as a longer and edited video.

I really hope that you will be able to support me on this improvement and will try the first one out very soon and i will let you know when it’s up. So get following on my twitter @BatchUK or keep checking Tumblr for updates on the new changes and the first video with these improvements.

For now, take care everyone and happy gaming!! :-)